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Saturday, August 18, 2012

College prep...for life!

On the 31st of August I move into my dorm at Indiana Wesleyan!!  I am so stoked!  Right room looks like a bomb went off with clothes in piles all over the bed and the floor.  I have books piled up in different places, my four containers of substantial size that I store my notebooks in, two storage boxes for my dorm room, and other random items all over my room.  It looks like a danger zone...with no floor.

Last night I slept in a sleeping bag on the floor, which I had to clear away, because I knew that in order to sleep in my bed, I'd have to take 95% of the stuff off and put it on the floor.  Then, considering my clumsiness, I would trip over it in the morning.  It was ultimately safer to sleep on the floor!  :D

I get asked a lot if I'm nervous for school at all, and really, I'm not.  I'm only nervous about three things:
1.) sharing a room with someone (I've always had my own room)
2.) having a set schedule (being homeschooled I made my own schedule!)
3.) procrastinating

I am a terrible procrastinator.  If I don't want to do something, I put it off until the last possible minute and, usually, barely scrape by.  But I know that this will not bring me success in college.  I also know that I do react differently in different circumstances (when extra credit options are not made up out of the blue to keep me from failing), but that doesn't mean that after a while I don't get lazy.

I'm not dissing homeschooling in the least, don't get me wrong, but how we homeschooled helped this to grow.  I've always been a procrastinator, especially in subjects I didn't like such as math.  But when I was in high school, I was given late grades, opportunities to earn extra credit when Mom and Dad saw I was failing a class.  I kind of then just relied on those graces instead of my own learning.  I suspect that that will come and bite me in the behind in college in certain classes, but I'm also suspecting that I will be a better student.

For chemistry I was taught by a fellow homeschool mom who used to teach at a high school.  I was in a classroom setting with her two oldest sons.  She taught me very well and made chemistry fun because I was able to actually understand the subject!  Science usually was a blech-y subject for me, but in this instance, it was amazing!  Because I enjoyed it and understood it, I put forth more effort!  And because the expectations were different, I did more work than I usually would do.  Granted, when something was really difficult or, in the experiments, if something smelled extremely bad or was extremely gross, I would try to do as little as possible, but ultimately, I reacted much better to that class than most other subjects I'd had.

Now, for all you students reading this, DON'T DO WHAT I DID!! Yes, that's in all caps because it's important.  And yes, I am screaming at you.  DON'T DO WHAT I DID!  Be the better person!!! :D  Even if you don't plan to go to college, which is fine, you don't want to say that you "passed high school" but that you "beat high school"!  You want to say that you worked your hardest and didn't let it win!  You're going to get a job one day, move out...your boss is going to want a hard worker who does all they can and more!  Your spouse is going to want a help meet who doesn't sit around all day and eat bon bons and potato chips!  Doing your best in high school isn't just about getting ready for advanced education, it's about life!  Our teen years are our growing up years, and if we grow up being procrastinators, it's going to be hard to change that lifestyle when we're adults!

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