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Monday, August 20, 2012

Storytime with Angelica!!

For those of you who are dying for another Uganda story, don't fret!  Here it is!  One of many! :D

Part of what we did in Uganda was abstinence ministry.  To be honest, this was extremely awkward for me at first.  It was for everyone I think...but as time went on and we did it more and more, we got more comfortable.  After all, we were investing in the lives of these teens!

One day, I had one of those, divine appointments.  At one school I met a girl named Angel.  I was so ecstatic to meet a girl with my same name!  But when we opened the floor for the girls to come to us individually to ask more personal questions about abstinence and boys, a different girl named Teddy wanted to talk to me.  When we went to a more private part of the classroom, she confessed to me, "I struggle with wanting to fall in love.  How do I stop it?"

I was blown away.  God knew (DUH!!) to bring her to me.  I know exactly what she's struggling with and I was able to give her advice thusly!  And this is basically what I told her: "Pray, pray that God takes away the feelings you have if they are not from you.  You have big dreams and goals; right now you need to focus on school!  Get some accountability partners!  Tell your closest friends what you're struggling with and come up with a code for them to use when they see you starting to flirt or lose focus on school.  God will bring around the right guy for you at the right time, but you need to ask God to help you wait until that right time."

I didn't only advise her...I admonished myself.  I was telling myself, again, to wait!  I have bigger things I'm focusing on now and guys, I'm sorry, a romantic relationship doesn't make that cut!  It will one day, when God brings it around, but not for the next couple years.  I also encourage any young ladies reading this, and young men, you are not exempt from this, that you look to God now and become so lost in God that your future spouse will have to find God to get to you!

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