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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Wow...this is it!  My very own blog!  It's hard to believe isn't it?  Meh...maybe!  :P

This blog is going to document the highlights of my life, and maybe even some of the minute details.  It will often be like reading a novel, but each post will be MUCH shorter than a full-length book.  (Yes, I can hear you thanking me!)  I will share with you my joys and my sorrows, my excitements and my fears, my good times and my bad times.  But most important, I will be sharing with you stories of how God has worked in my life and what He has been teaching me. :D  You will step into my world, (some of you may be minorly frightened right now, and that's okay), and get to know me in a deeper way.  Some things I say may make you uncomfortable; I may confront you, not personally, with things that may make you tingle.  But you know?  That can be a good thing!  Challenges are good when they make you grow as a Christian! :D

Enjoy your stay in my world!  :D

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  1. Hey, first to comment! Booyah!! xD Can't wait to read your future blogs! God bless! :D