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Friday, September 28, 2012


Wow...long time no see!  It's been around 20 days since I last posted...YIKES!!  Have to admit, I figured I'd have more time to blog than I actually do.  :P

Today, in chapel, the speaker, Jeanne Craig, was talking about her diagnosis with breast cancer and thus her reaction to it.  She encouraged us students to NOT all the devil to beat us down with the different trials that we face, not matter what they are.  "Don't wait for cancer or some other tragedy until you give up but look up and reach out now!"

Jeanne encouraged us to not let the trials of this life beat us down, but to "duck" from them and run to God.  So, at the end of chapel, each one of us was given a rubber duck to remind us to duck from the devil's beatings.  And this one is mine:
To me, this duck is an incredible remind not only to duck from evil, but also that God is teaching me and reminding me to continue becoming a butterfly!  Shedding the sin of this world and becoming free from the world is my goal in this life; then all else will become more obvious as what I am to do with my life.

So Monarch Joy McMadden (or Monny Joy as I'm going to call her), is my physical reminder about becoming God's butterfly.  :D

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Practice practice practice!

So, being a music major, I have to practice...a lot...4 hours a week for class piano and 2 hours a day for violin!  A DAY!!  YIKES!!  As I go over my schedule and all the other homework I may not have yet but know I will have, I get slightly overwhelmed and shuddery inside.  I want to be the best violinist I can be!  I want to succeed in school.  I want...I want...maybe this is all about "I want"s...instead of what really matters...GOD wants.  And what I believe he wants for me is to be the best violinist that I can be because of what I believe he has called me to.

I strongly believe that God wants me to go to Uganda and start a symphony orchestra and choir there.  Now, with that in mind, most likely, I will be one of the few violinists they would have ever heard.  And with that being said, then I'm probably going to be considered the best in their mind.  And I if I am the best that they know, I want to be the best.  Now, that doesn't mean I want to be Joshua Bell or Henryk Szeryng, but I want to be the best that I can be!

So, I'm following the advice of my violin professor, Professor Thompson.  I am switching to a violin performance major, which requires two hours a day of practicing.  I am going to have to rely on God for strength and desire every day.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Short and sweet

This is gonna be a shorter post (hopefully, we'll see how it actually ends up...)

I'M MOVED INTO MY DORM ROOM!!!   Will show some pictures soon! :P  So far it's been great!  The bed is comfortable, the room is a decent size, and I've kept it 97% clean!  Then again, I've only been here 24 hours...but hey, it looks goooooood!! :D

I've been busy with NSO (new student orientation) and meeting new people!  Man, it's been epic!  The people I've been spending the most time with are the kids from my LDR 150 class (also known as my Leadership class).  We're in small groups with them and we do lots of games and have had lots of get to know you moments :)

When we first divided into our small groups, we were told to find our country's flag and join it!  (We each were assigned a country.)  I was slightly bummed when I learned there was a Uganda group and I wasn't in it...BUT!  I'M A VIKING!! :D  That's right, I'm with the Iceland team! :D  Our small group leader dressed up as a viking, the only leader, I might add, who dressed up.  She is so awesome!  She's been able to give our small group helpful hints on how to NOT look like a freshman and hints on getting meals quickly and how to work a few things like the Wildcat Express.  I'm not sure how to explain'll just have to come and visit and I'll show you!! :P

Off to journal before heading out for Mexican with LDR!! :D  LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!