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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Short and sweet

This is gonna be a shorter post (hopefully, we'll see how it actually ends up...)

I'M MOVED INTO MY DORM ROOM!!!   Will show some pictures soon! :P  So far it's been great!  The bed is comfortable, the room is a decent size, and I've kept it 97% clean!  Then again, I've only been here 24 hours...but hey, it looks goooooood!! :D

I've been busy with NSO (new student orientation) and meeting new people!  Man, it's been epic!  The people I've been spending the most time with are the kids from my LDR 150 class (also known as my Leadership class).  We're in small groups with them and we do lots of games and have had lots of get to know you moments :)

When we first divided into our small groups, we were told to find our country's flag and join it!  (We each were assigned a country.)  I was slightly bummed when I learned there was a Uganda group and I wasn't in it...BUT!  I'M A VIKING!! :D  That's right, I'm with the Iceland team! :D  Our small group leader dressed up as a viking, the only leader, I might add, who dressed up.  She is so awesome!  She's been able to give our small group helpful hints on how to NOT look like a freshman and hints on getting meals quickly and how to work a few things like the Wildcat Express.  I'm not sure how to explain'll just have to come and visit and I'll show you!! :P

Off to journal before heading out for Mexican with LDR!! :D  LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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