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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Home again...

Here I am...home with my fambly!  :)  I've missed this place!  Not very much has changed...which is nice on my eyes :)  Only a couple things have been rearranged, but I can deal with that :D  My desk and room are both still clean!!  ( room not so much now because all my stuff is littering the floor!)

I have minimal homework over the weekend, which is nice...and also needs to get started :P  But it'll get done.  :D

I'll get to see a few of my friends over the weekend which really will make the weekend even better!

I have to admit that my stomach isn't too happy though...after getting used to mass-produced college food, having more carefully cooked real food at home has confused it and made it not react the best.  :-/  But the food here at home is STILL the best!! :D

I made a surprise appearance at my youth group which was amazing!  Their reaction was the best! :P  My best friend Jenny jumped me, screaming my name.  I had an awesome time seeing my youth group peeps!!!

It's gonna be sort of hard to leave, but I'm not that far away, and I'll be back for a wedding next week, so it'll be like I never left!

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