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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


It's official...we are still an Obamination.  At first I was in a state of denial, making plans with my friends to leave the country and go to Ireland or Uganda...somewhere were he isn't.   But then I sat and thought about it.  Running away from the problem won't change a thing.  And then a friend of mine made a wise comment (but don't tell him I said this, it'll boost his ego to the rooftops of the Empire State Building!): he said that it doesn't matter who's in office because true change isn't going to come from them, but from the winning of each soul for Christ Jesus our Lord and His Kingdom.

I know a lot of you are disturbed and angry and upset, or other strong words that I won't mention, but that's not going to change anything.  Anger isn't really helpful, unless it's holy anger like Jesus had when the temple was turned into a "robber's den".  But neither is simply accepting the election results as they are.  We need to be prayerful about this; we need to seek FIRST the kingdom of God BEFORE we attempt any change for our country.  I don't know about you, but I don't want to be the one to unconsciously attack God's plan.

Some of you may ask, "how is this God's plan?"  Well, we're told in the Bible that we are to respect our authority because they have been placed in that position by God.  So, that means Obama is placed as our president by the Lord God Almighty.  Doesn't make sense, I know, but God's got some pretty epic tricks up His sleeve I'm sure.  :P

Just keep your focus on the Word of the Lord and your eye on the sky, because I believe the end days are nigh.  Follow the Lord and respect your authority, even and especially when you don't want to.

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