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Friday, December 14, 2012


I walked into my level 9 nervousness Monday morning, although I really didn't have that much time to feel nervous.  I was having some minor nervous "spasms" in the practice rooms as I warmed up.  But when I got to my jury, they were running ahead of schedule.  So, I had no time to pace back and forth, freaking out.

I walked into the band room to see Prof. Thompson, Dr. Flanigan, and some lady I didn't know sitting with their laptops, ready to judge me.  Prof. Thompson turned around and smiled.  "Hey!  You want to go ahead and get set up?"

I nodded and scuffled forward, a wave of "oh my gosh this is it" washing over me.  But I tried not to show it by the way I looked or acted.  I started off with playing the first movement of the E Major unaccompanied Bach (a really cool piece!).  I played it pretty well for not having gone through the whole thing in my lessons (I learned the last page of it on my own).  However, I could feel my legs vibrating the entire time...they were seriously shaking!  I don't know how obvious they were though...I didn't really want to risk checking.

But when I finished, I looked over at Prof. Thompson to see what he thought.  And to my surprise, he wasn't smiling.  In was as close to a frown as I've ever seen him do!  I had to swallow my surprise.  Suddenly I felt much more self conscious about my playing.  Usually when someone doesn't smile, that means I'm doing it wrong.

Scales were pretty good until the last one, requested by the lady I didn't know.  G harmonic minor. Now, that's one of the easiest scales for me to do.  However, for some reason I completely messed it.  As I stop and say "Sorry, I'll re-do that", I see Prof. Thompson shaking his back and forth.  Against popular suggestion, it was NOT a twitch.  It was kinda hard to keep going, thinking that my professor was disappointed in me.

But when I finally finished, Prof. Thompson perked up.  "Alright then, you're done!  See we're not that scary!"

Maybe not...if there were a few smiles going around the judges!

But somehow I got an A...and impressed my professor.  Wow...could have fooled me!  Guess this is something else I'll have to get used to, I got seven more of these to do over the next few years of college! :P

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