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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Making way to the final chapter

This court process for the robbery has been going on for almost an entire year.  A year of waiting.  A year of being told it would be finished, and then being told it was postponed.  A year of nighttime scares as well as daytime ones and lots of added, unnecessary stress.

But finally, the end is near.

There was another plea hearing at the end of May/beginning of June.  This time, the man in custody pled guilty (finally!) and left it up to the judge to decide on a sentence.  So now, probably sometime in August, there will be a sentencing hearing.  It's small, just me, my family, the defendant, the judge, and our prosecutor.  No jury, nothing big.  But it will finally end.

A sentencing hearing is pretty much designed for the victim(s) to say how the crime has affected them.  This is when I'll be able to give my speech that I'd prepared back in January for the first plea hearing.  I'll be able to end this for myself.

I'm ready to be done.  I'm ready to have the closure I need to finally be able to move on, completely.

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