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Monday, July 15, 2013

Do you have a green thumb?

I am not a big gardener.  I wish I was; I've always had a dream of having a big garden at a house of my own where I grow my own food.  However, there are two issues I've come to discover with that: 1.) I don't like getting my hands dirty that much, and 2.) I forget about watering or weeding or simply checking on plants that they die.

I have an aunt who is a garden MASTER!  Well, considering she's my aunt she's probably more of a garden queen.  She has stunning landscape that she loves to make more beautiful than it already is.  She has the green thumb.  I also have a second cousin who says she has a black thumb.  (She killed a cactus.)  I don't think I have either of those, but probably more black than green.

I was sitting on the porch waiting for my ride to the church softball game when I noticed my tiny paper-like pot I'd gotten from VBS.  (No, I didn't attend VBS, I helped.)  I watered the seeds in it maybe...once?  And that was over a week ago.  Nothing ever sprouted from the pot.

"Ah well," I thought.  "I just don't have a green thumb.  At least VBS was good; seeds were planted!"  Suddenly, I rethought what I and just said to myself.  Seeds were planted at VBS...seeds that I may have the opportunity to continue to nurture.

But I don't have a green thumb.

A green thumb is what we refer to as the natural ability to grow plants.  Now, I'm not saying that people are plants, not at all, however the same principle applies to the spiritual seeds we sow in peoples lives.  We plant seeds of truth when we live according to God's law.  We plant seeds of love when we act as Jesus would.

However, we also can plant seeds of destruction when we live controversially to who we claim to be.  We plant seeds of anger when we show unrighteous anger in any way.

Do I have a spiritual green thumb?  Can you say the same about yourself?  Or do we have the black thumb of confusion and hurt.  What seeds are we planting?  Are we watering those seeds?  Are we taking care of the seeds that other people have planted?

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