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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hey guys, I do still exist!

Hey, so I'm simply writing to say that I'm still alive!  Barely, but I am.  :)  I've somehow been able to hang on to a bit of my sanity to be able to make it this far in the semester without completely dying!  Yeah, I'm not doing as well in my studies as I'd hoped, but I'm surviving.  And I'm not barely passing any of them that I know of, so that's good!

And yes, I am going to make sure that I don't schedule another crazy semester like this if I can avoid it!! :P  I have learned a lot about myself during this semester however, as well as a whole ton of stuff about the people I live with (both good and bad stuff...)  But that's a major part of friendship and life isn't it, learning the good, positive things about the people you hang around with the most as well as the crap that they don't want you to know or the stuff that irritates you.

But I love it all :)  I don't always like it too much, but I love my roommates and my roommates across the hall; my whole unit in fact!!  I'm surrounded by such a great group of friends :)

I'll actually write a big long update about stuff later...I'm just putting off going to bed because I am honestly at my energetic high from 3 or 4 in the afternoon until about 1am.  College curse.....grrrrhsaogiaenaweiodsj!
-_-  (that's not my whale sound, that's a random Angelica-ism sound)

I wish I had some big epiphany or word of wisdom to leave with you that's super fast, but really I have nothing.  Everything going on in my life is so major (that's a whole other major!) or complicated or whatever you want to call it.  All I have for you is don't let yourself get too stressed because it seriously drains you of functioning brain power.  That's my "word of wisdom" for the night.  :)

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