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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Life Song

Have you ever had that moment when a song just clicked in your head?  Like, a particular line just suddenly made sense, as if the meaning just passed you by the previous hundred times you'd listened/sung the song?  That's happened to me a few times in this last week.

One of the most impacting realizations was in the song "Lord I Need You" by Matt Maher.  You all know the chorus..."Lord I need you oh I need you.  Every hour I need you.  My one defense my righteousness, Oh God how I need you."  It's a beautiful song that demonstrates our human weakness and how much we should and need to rely on God's holy power.

But there is one song in the bridge that struck a new chord (pun not intended) in me.  "Teach my song to rise to you."  What is my song?  I don't believe the artist was completely meaning a literal song with music and melody, although he could have been referring to the song being sung.  To me, though, the "song" is composed of every word I say during my lifetime.  My life song.

My life song.

What kind of a song is it?  Is it a love ballad or an amped up party song?  Is it a fun and chill tune or is it an angsty, angry song filled with a sour attitude?  What is my song?

As bad as this sounds, I don't care about what my song sounds like.  What I care about is what it will sound like.  Will it glorify God?  Will it rise to Him?  Every word I say is a part of my life song.  I can't make it rise to Christ on my own.  He has to teach me how to do that by teaching me patience, faith, understanding, and forgiveness.  Only then will my song rise to him.  My life song.

What does your life song sound like?

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