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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Perfectly Known

Expectations.  They are everywhere.  They are the little fire under our butts as we go through life.  We put expectations on ourselves, our family, our friends, our students, our teachers, our children, those we choose to love, those others choose to love.  We make excuses for the necessity of these expectations, saying having high expectations is going to keep us from settling for less than best. (This does not apply to class expectations, this is merely relating to relationships between people.)

But really now?  I'm a human too.  I know these games.  We just want to avoid being hurt.  We want to keep those we love from being burned or disappointed.  Cramming statements on the lines of a page to keep a record of these expectations is simply this: distrust.  God knows us perfectly.  I mean, come on!  He created you!  He knows your needs absolutely and honestly, He knows you better than you know yourself.  He was there at your conception, and He'll be there on the day your body dies.  He knows every single moment you are going live, every interaction, every conversation.  So what gives us the right to act as if we know what's best for us?

It all goes back to letting God write your priority lists.  Our expectations can sometimes become the center and driving force behind why we do certain things.  But God is sovereign.  Let Him be sovereign.

I have a list.  I have a list of twenty-one things I want my future husband to be.  Okay, to be honest, it's more like twenty-one categories which several points under each number.  Yes, I am one of those girls.  Dreaming up a perfect man and writing down what I want him to be.  Seems harmless right?  All of us have done that at some point; daydreamed about who our future spouse would be, what they'd look like, etc.

So what is the big deal?

When we do that, we are saying what we think we need, instead of being completely surrendered to what God knows we need.  Like I said before, God knows us perfectly.  Hence, He knows perfectly what we need.  We are perfectly known.

So just be.  If you just be you, you are giving God the freedom, which he already had, to do amazing things in your life.  Don't clutter your life with all these...lists.  Just be.  Be wholly surrendered to Him and He will blow your mind.

Now, I'm not saying that it's bad to keep an eye out for red flags or negative character traits, because that isn't.  We're supposed to be discerning and make judgement calls on whether a certain person's company is going to benefit our character and relationship with God or not.  We need to have base traits that we search for so that we continue to walk along the path of Christ.

What will you do?  Will you surrender it all to God?  It's hard!  It's not something I'll be able to overnight.  This will be a daily act of getting down on my knees, bowing before my God and giving Him everything.  All my hopes, all my dreams, all my expectations.  And begging Him to grant me enough faith for the day to trust in Him and His perfect love.