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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It's Still a Process

I still have revelations about how to become a butterfly. It never really ends; I just go through dry spells. Today in chapel, we sang about the love of God, waiting for God and how he always provides. That whole time, I was remembering Ash Wednesday and Lent. I've never been a part of a church that made a big deal about either of those church events. But today, in the spur of the moment, I decided I wanted to give something up for forty days. I wanted to get in the practice of giving something up in order to grow in God.

The first thing I wanted to give up was doubt. I wanted my faith to strengthen by giving up doubt in God and his will for forty days, and ultimately for life. Unfortunately, that's not how it works. It just doesn't go away like that.

That's when my revelation came; the faith of a butterfly. Butterflies follow the path they have been called to even though they don't know where it leads. Even though they don't know what dangers lie ahead. This is how they worship their Creator.

This is how I want to worship my Creator, my Father, my God. I want to follow the path I have been called to, even though I don't know where it's going, where it'll end up, what I'll come across on my way.

This is how I will live a life of worship: by being a butterfly.

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