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Monday, September 28, 2015

On Worship

Worship. It's that attitude where we connect with God. Usually we enter this mentality through singing. Or simply through music.

This is not a group activity. Yes, fellowship with believers in a spirit of worship is necessary and vital to our spiritual growth, but that doesn't make worship purely a group activity.

Worship is between you and God.

When I worship, when I truly worship, I go into another world. I'm in a bubble; a town population 2: God and I. If I let myself step into this attitude of worship, I can't help but dance. I have to move. I have to worship Him with all of me. I don't care what other people think of me. I have to use my whole body to praise my Creator.

And if you have a problem with that, then your focus has shifted from the One who truly matters. When you go into the true spirit of worship, you may be overcome with a feeling of needing to be still. Maybe you have to kneel. Maybe you have to simply sit and soak Him in.

But if we are watching others worship and thinking of their reactions as distracting, then our head isn't right. Our spirit isn't well. The spirit of distraction has a very different feeling.

Let God rip through each individual's spirit of worship how He is going to. Don't be like Michal, David's wife, and order an individual so deep in the presence of God to stop reacting so physically to the glory and power of God.

Worship is a holy, holy mindset. We shouldn't mess with that. We have no right to claim control over the moving of the Almighty God. Sure, some people may have a messy way of worship, dancing in the aisle or wailing loudly over the singers, but that doesn't mean they're attention seekers. They have been overcome by the beautiful, frightening presence of God and they have to give Him all of them.

I want to worship God with all of me, no matter what other people may think. Because He is perfect.

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