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Friday, October 23, 2015

Sealed with Love

Dear "Mom",

No, your son and I aren't engaged or married yet, but I wanted to call you Mom, just once. The morning you passed from this world, we all lost someone. A mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a coworker, an inspiration. You changed so many lives and so many worlds that it brings a tearful smile to my face. Well done, good and faithful servant. :)

In the moment, I was so caught up in wanting to make sure your son was okay that it didn't even cross my mind what I had lost that morning. One day, you were going to watch Dallas and I get married and I would get to look you in the eyes and proudly proclaim you were my mom too.

I lost my mother-in-law that Saturday morning.

I lost the chance to watch you and Dallas have your mother-son dance at our wedding. We'll never get to surprise you when we announce we're going to have our first child. I'll never get to hand our first baby to you and watch your reaction. Not that I was planning to, but I'll never get to "dread dinner with the mother-in-law". I'll never get to ask you for advice on living with your son when we get married or ask for your advice when the going gets tough.

There are so many memories we cannot have.

But I promise, that I will take care of your son. I promise that we will raise our kids to remember you and to have a little bit of you in them. (They have to be goofy to survive this world!) I promise that I will celebrate who you have been said to be. I will listen to the stories about your life and remember them.

I promise I will try to be a daughter-in-law you can be proud of. I promise I will strive every day to be good for your son. He loves you very much. Although I know you know that.

Thank you for taking such good care of Dallas. Thank you for being the wonderfully supportive person I've heard you to be. I hope to be half the woman that you were when I grow up.

Save a spot for me next to the banquet table, so we can catch up when I join you in heaven, whenever God decides that is.

I love you Mom. I hope you know that, even though I never got to tell you.



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